Contract & Grant Accounting

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Certification Instructions

The Office of Management and Budget Circular A-21 requires us to document all personnel charges to Federal contract and grant accounts at the University. These documents are subject to audit and must accurately reflect the actual workload (instead of budgeted effort) for the period indicated.

The Time Certification Report list persons employed in your department who received any salary remuneration from grants for the period indicated. If the employee received salary from more than one source, the report indicates the percentage of the total salary, which is charged to each account.

Please verify with each of the persons listed what their workload was during the quarter listed at the top of this report. Compare those percentages with the percentages shown on the Time Certification Report and correct the report to agree to the actual effort spent on each funding source. Please add any employees who are missing from the report.

Your original signature on the Time Certification Report indicates that these percentages are correct to the best of your knowledge. If the percentage of work on the certification form does not agree with the actual work loads, it is the department’s responsibility to reallocate payroll accordingly. Please sign and return the original form to Trina Porcher Evans, Office of Contracts and Grants, 2511 MHRA, as soon as possible.